For those of you who may be considering a visit or move to the Augusta area, we invite you to join with us as we walk together in search of meaning and spiritual fulfillment in our lives. Come and help us make the AYS family into a true "covenant community" - a place where individuals are valued and respected, where we share our joys and heartaches together freely, celebrate the milestones of our Jewish calendar and our lives together, teach our children and grandchildren (and ourselves!) of the beauty and value of Jewish traditions, and work together to make Jewish life, and life in the larger community more fulfilling for all." 



Daily Service Schedule
Saturday Evening Services
Coming Events
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Daily Service Schedule

   Time Block  Time
   Monday and Thursday Mornings  7:15 am
   Saturday Morning  9:00 am
   Sunday - Friday Evening  5:30 pm

Saturday Evening Services

  Time Block  Time
  Nov. (2nd wk.) - Mar. (1st Sun.)   5:30 pm
  Mar. (2nd Sun.) - Apr. 30  7:00 pm
  May - Sept (1st wk.)  7:30 pm
  Sept. (2nd wk.) - Nov. (1st wk.)   7:00 pm

Coming Events

Month   Day   Year Activity
April   30   2015 Men's Club Augusta Green Jackets Thirsty Thursday Game
May   2   2015 Religious School Shabbat
May   2   2015 Guest Speaker Congressman Rick Allen
May   2   2015 Pre-Lag B'Omer Campout at the AJCC
May   16   2015 Men's Club Shabbat
May   17   2015 Men's Club Lag B'Omer Campout - Men Only (18 and over)
May   23   2015 Shavuot Dairy Dinner-Shalosh Seudos
June   7   2015 Annual Meeting