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Religious School

The goal of the AYS Religious School is to offer each child the opportunity to become an active participant in the Jewish community through understanding the rituals, customs, observances and ethical teachings of Judaism. We work to create a foundation and love for lifelong Jewish learning and living with a core of Jewish knowledge and principals, including:

  • Torah – an understanding and love of Torah and connection to God
  • Hebrew – language skills
  • Jewish Values – how they apply to our lives through the performance of mitzvot, and recognition of the Jewish value in everything we do
  • Jewish Lifecycle – following the Jewish calendar and observance of holidays
  • Jewish History – understanding the timeline of the Jewish people
  • Tefilot – developing the skills and understanding the significance, history and spiritual meaning of our prayers
  • Israel – connecting to the history and culture of the State of Israel
  • Conservative Judaism – identity through synagogue and educational activities
  • Customs and ceremonies – instilling the commitment of observance in the synagogue and at home

The Adas Yeshurun Religious School is in session on Monday and Wednesday afternoons from 4:00-6:00 PM.

Sunday School

The Augusta Jewish Community Sunday SchoolThe AJCSS offers a pluralistic Jewish education to children in the greater Augusta area. Recognizing the importance of bringing all our Jewish children together, the Augusta Jewish community established the school in 2004. Its doors were opened to an enthusiastic group of students and staff. The Sunday morning classes meet alternately by semester at Adas Yeshurun Synagogue and Congregation Children of Israel. Special programs are also held at the Augusta Jewish Community Center. Teachers and staff are drawn from the Jewish community and rabbis from both congregations participate as well.

The Goldring / Woldenberg Institute of Southern Jewish Life (ISJL)

The ISJL curriculum includes ten key content areas:

  • Community
  • Culture and Symbols
  • God
  • Hebrew and Prayer
  • Israel
  • Jewish History
  • Jewish Holidays
  • Jewish Life Cycle Events
  • Mitzvot and Jewish Values
  • Tanach (Torah, Prophets, Writings)

The curriculum is designed to nurture students’ Jewish identity and equip them to live rich and meaningful Jewish lives. In addition, the curriculum is designed to give our teachers the tools and background materials they need to create meaningful Jewish educational experiences for our students. The ISJL provides each participating school with an ISJL Fellow who visits three times a year. During these weekend visits, the Fellow provides special programs for the school, offers family education programs for the community, and assists with teacher in-service education sessions. The ISJL holds an exciting two-day education conference for teachers and administrators at their home base in Jackson, Mississippi.

AJCSS Mission Statement:

  • To provide a Jewish education of the highest quality to Jewish children in the Augusta area, while instilling a sense of joy and excitement in Jewish life and practice.
  • To teach children topics that are shared by all branches of Judaism, includingJewish history, bible, Hebrew language, and Jewish values and life cycle events.
  • To promote those personal qualities that are consistent with the values and teachings of Judaism and Jewish tradition.
  • To promote interaction and instill a positive sense of community among the Jewish children in the area.
Gesher (Teens)

AYS firmly believes that Jewish education does not end with the 7th grade and Bar/Bat Mitzvah. Rather, our students seamlessly move into Gesher, our teen program for post b’nai mitzvah (7th through 12th graders). Gesher meets every other Sunday evening. Learning occurs in an informal setting, and the curriculum includes topics of particular interest to today’s teenagers.