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rabbi2Rabbi Sirull was born and raised in South Florida. He attended the Hebrew Academy of Greater Miami, the Mesivta High School, and graduated from the Landow Yeshiva in 1980. Rabbi Sirull attended the Rabbinical College of America and was ordained by the Rabbinical Seminary International. He is a member of the International Federation of Rabbis, the Greater Carolina Board of Rabbis, the Coalition for the Advancement of Jewish Education, the Jewish Ministers Cantors Association, the Guild for Temple Musicians, the Jewish War Veterans, the Jewish Historical Society, and is an active member of the Rotary International. He is known as an exponent of authentic and traditional synagogue music and has appeared in programs internationally. His recent works include musical compositions for Shabbat published by the Cantors Assembly and the CD release of Mizmor Shir, a collection of 15 cantorial pieces. His latest CD is entitled Religious and Secular. It features 10 of his original compositions and was produced in 2011 He is the author of the book Vshinantam Livanecha, and was a recipient of the Jewish Commissions Instructor of the Year award. Rabbi Sirull has served as an instructor at the College of Charleston, Augusta State University and the Citadel Military College. The rabbi’s wife Stacy, is a nurse. They have two daughters, Sara and Devorah and a son, Sidney.

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